Matt Bozon

Game Designer/Director
(661) 297-3674

Current Role:
As WayForward’s Creative Director and Lead Designer, I’ve spent 10 years in the industry developing games and gaming brands for PC, console, and handhelds.  I've designed and directed over 50 titles, most of them commercially successful and critically acclaimed, with average reviewer scores 8/10.   Having a knack for finding the elusive “fun factor”, I have led WayForward’s growth as a gaming company, and established a reputation for high quality titles with great characters and gameplay.

As WayForward’s Creative Director I am an ongoing student of gaming trends.  I help set long and short term goals for the company, and assemble and train production teams to meet them.  My mission is to develop games that are fun, on time, and under budget. 

Previous Roles:
Character Animator, Lead Level Designer, Lead Art Director, Department Head for handhelds, Creator, Game Designer, Game Director

Game Design/Direction/Team Leadership, Character Animation, Character Design
Graphic Design, Animation Layout, Storyboarding, Character Dialogue/Story Development/Pitch Sessions

Renderware, Photoshop, 3DS MAX, Macromedia Director, D Paint, Pro-motion, Proprietary level design tools, Nintendo, Sony, Xbox software/hardware. 





Recent Work:
In the employ of WayForward Technologies from 1994-2004, & various freelance work:


Gamecube, PS2, Xbox:

Gameboy Advance:

 Gameboy Color:



Shereef Morse:  Porting Coordinator | Sony Pictures Mobile | voice: 310.840.7389



Complete title history

(Lead Designer and Game Director start to finish on all titles, except where noted)


1.        Mickey’s Ultimate Challenge (SNES) Hi Tech Expressions/Disney                                       

2.        Mickey’s Ultimate Challenge (Genesis) Hi Tech Expressions/Disney

3.        Mickey’s Ultimate Challenge (GB) Hi Tech Expressions/Disney

4.        Mickey’s Ultimate Challenge (GameGear) Hi Tech Expressions/Disney

5.        Muppets: Sorting & Ordering (PC) WayForward/Brighter Child/Henson Productions

6.        Muppets: Beginning Sounds (PC) WayForward/Brighter Child/Henson Productions

7.        Muppets: Same & Different (PC) WayForward/Brighter Child/Henson Productions

8.        Math Challenge (PC) WayForward/Brighter Child

9.        Pirate Jupiter and the Moon Dogs (PC) Media Workshop/V-Tech

10.     Paint Misbehavin’ (PC) Hi Tech Expressions

11.     Beethoven’s Birthday (Sega Pico) Hi Tech Expressions/Universal

12.     Kidpack 2 Deluxe (PC) WayForward/Wizardworks  


13.     Madison: Wild About Cats (PC) Brighter Child/BBC                                                              

14.     Marvel Math (PC) Brighter Child/Marvel Comics

15.     Speed Racer and the Monster Truck (PC)

16.     Radical Rick (PC)

17.     Casper: A Spirited Adventure (PC) WayForward/Sound Source/Harvey Comics

18.     Star Warped (PC) WayForward/Palladium


19.     Muppets Revamp #1 (PC)  WayForward/Brighter Child/Henson Productions                                 

20.     Muppets Revamp #2 (PC) WayForward/Brighter Child/Henson Productions

21.     X-Fools (PC) WayForward/Palladium                             

22.     Beginner's Bible: the Story of Noah,(PC) Brighter Child Interactive (Designer)


23.     Outburst (PC) WayForward/Hasbro

24.     Microshaft Winblows 98 (PC) WayForward/Palladium

25.     An American Tail: Animated Movie Book (PC) WayForward/Sound Source/Universal


26.     Lost in Space: Math Adventure (PC) WayForward/Sound Source                                              

27.     The King & I Thinking Adventure (PC) WayForward/Sound Source/Universal

28.     Babe Early Reader (PC) WayForward/Sound Source

29.     Scattergories (PC) WayForward/Hasbro        

30.     Funpack 3D (PC) WayForward/Wizardworks

31.     Austin Powers Move your Mojo (WEB) WayForward/Shockwave/New Line Cinema          

32.     Funpack CE (WIN CE) WayForward/Wizardworks


33.     Xtreme Sports Arcade: Summer Edition (PC) WayForward/Wizardworks                

34.     Xtreme Sports (GBC) WayForward/GT Interactive/Infrogrames                

35.     Sportsman’s Arcade (PC) WayForward/Wizardworks

36.     Howard Marks Video Casino (PC) WayForward/Hasbro


37.     WCW: Mayhem (GBC) WayForward/Adrenaline/Electronic Arts                                             

38.     Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver (GBC) Lucky Chicken/Mattel (animator)

39.     Sabrina: Zapped! (GBC) WayForward/Simon &Shuster


40.     WWF Betrayal (GBC) WayForward/THQ                                                                                     

41.     Wendy: Every Witch Way! (GBC) WayForward/TDK/Harvey Comics

42.     Sabrina: Spooked! (GBC) WayForward/Simon &Shuster

43.     Shantae (GBC) WayForward/Capcom


44.     The Scorpion King (GBA)  WayForward/Vivendi Universal                                                       

45.     Chomper (PC) WayForward/ EEG Spectrum

46.     Godzilla Domination (GBA) WayForward/Atari


47.     Rescue Heroes: Billy Blazes (GBA) WayForward/Vivendi Universal                                        

48.     Spy VS Spy: (Game Cube, PS2, Xbox)

49.     Rescue Heroes Billy Blazes (GBA) WayForward/Vivendi Universal

50.     Guppi’s Beach Block (web)


51.     Shantae Advance (GBA) WayForward